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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Transparent Language Online?

Transparent Language Online is a unique application that bridges the gap between learning a language online and using that language in the real world by allowing users to do both in one program. It features a scientifically-proven methodology, a wide variety of high-quality learning material, and seamless integration of real-life language use by native speakers - all packaged together in an easy-to-use interface that can be accessed at any time and from any computer with Internet access.

Where can I find the system requirements for Transparent Language Online? Does Transparent Language Online run on both Mac and Windows computers?

Yes, Transparent Language Online runs on both Mac and Windows computers. The full system requirements are available by clicking the System Requirements link on the Login screen.

I cannot remember my user name or password. What should I do?

If you cannot remember your user name and/or your password, simply click the Forgot User Name or Password? link on the Login screen. You will be prompted to enter either your user name or your email, then click the Restore Password button. You will then be sent an email to remind you of your user name and allow you to reset your password. If you did not provide an email when you set up your account, contact technical support at

Note: Your user name is not the same as your email address. You cannot use your email address to log into the program.

Do I need an activation code to use Transparent Language Online?

Most schools do not require learners to enter an activation code before they can use Transparent Language Online. However, there are some that do.

If your school does require an activation code, see your instructor or the administrator for Transparent Language Online at your school to receive one, then click the Register with an Activation Code link on the Login screen and enter the code in the field provided. If you later receive an additional code to activate another language or extend a subscription, you can enter it by logging into Transparent Language Online and clicking the Edit Profile button. On the Profile screen, click My Languages, then enter the code in the field provided and click Activate. The information about the new subscription will appear on the Profile screen. When you close that screen after changing your subscription, you will be prompted to reload the Transparent Language Online page in your browser. After the page is reloaded, you will have access to the content from the new subscription. If you added an additional language, it will be available to select from the You are learning menu.

Note that unlike class codes, activation codes do not register you for a particular class, only for a particular language or languages. It is possible that you may receive both an activation code and a class code, if your school requires both. In that situation, the activation code should be entered on the Login screen or the Profile screen, as described above, and the class code should be entered on the Classes screen, as described below.

How do I use a class code to register for a class?

Class codes are provided by instructors who want their learners to use Transparent Language Online for class assignments. If your instructor has given you a class code, go to the Classes screen in Transparent Language Online and click Enroll, then enter that code in the field provided. You will be registered for the appropriate class, and the name of that class will appear in the left-hand sidebar of the Classes screen.

It is also possible for instructors to handle the process of enrolling learners in classes, without giving out class codes. If your instructor has chosen this option, you will not receive a code, and the name of your class will automatically appear in the left-hand sidebar of the Classes screen.

Note that class codes are not the same as activation codes.

What will I find on each of the application screens?

The three main screens in this application are the Learn screen, the Explore screen, and the Classes screen.

The Learn screen holds the main learning material, organized in convenient lessons which you can access through the sidebar on the left. Just click on any heading in that sidebar, then choose a lesson to open.

The Explore screen has links to some exciting resources that can help you expand your language learning. The exact list varies by language, but you may find language blogs, Facebook links, Twitter feeds, Word of the Day features, proficiency tests, mobile apps, and more.

The Classes screen allows users to register for classes, complete assignments, and see messages from instructors. You should check this screen each time you use the program, to see if you have new assignments or messages.

What are the Essentials Courses in Transparent Language Online?

The Essentials Courses included for some languages in Transparent Language Online are special sets of content designed to help learners prepare for practical, everyday conversations in a foreign language. Each course consists of a series of units that cover common situations such as getting around the city, eating out, shopping and handling money, getting to know people, dealing with emergencies, and so on. These units are made up of lessons and activities which provide beginners and advanced beginners with the clear learning path and structure they need to succeed, while at the same time allowing more experienced users the flexibility to focus on the exercises that best suit their needs. Designed with travelers and adventure-seekers in mind, Essentials Courses appeal to those who are looking for an easy, quick way to get started in a new language.

Not all languages in Transparent Language Online include Essentials Courses.

Why don't I see the same options for each language?

Different languages have different features available. For example, some languages offer Essentials or Quick Start courses in addition to Byki Vocabulary lists. You can select each language from the menu to see its features. We encourage you to explore all the options offered for your language.

My language uses a different alphabet than English. Where can I learn more about the writing system?

Try clicking on the Reference heading in the sidebar of the Learn screen. The exact references vary by language, but often include Alphabet Explorer or other resources that describe the characters used to write a language.

If you need to know how to type special characters for your language, see the online help available by clicking the button in the right-hand corner of an activity. For any activity that involves typing, the help will include information on entering special characters.

Where can I find grammar information?

Check the Reference section of the Learn screen, which often includes grammar information (although exact resources vary by language). You can access the Reference section through the left-hand sidebar.

What is the Learned Items feature? What are "Fresh Items" and "Stale Items"? What does "Refresh" mean?

The Learned Items feature lets you keep track of the vocabulary terms you've mastered and refresh your memory of items that you have not recently practiced.

One tab of the Learned Items screen shows a chart of how many words and phrases you've learned, while the other lists the terms themselves. Each learned item is classified as "fresh" (meaning that you have practiced it recently or mastered it through repeated practice and encounters) or "stale" (meaning that it may be at risk of being forgotten).

The Learned Items screen also offers you the opportunity to refresh your stale items by practicing them in a special exercise. Regularly reviewing your knowledge is an important aspect of learning - be sure to refresh your stale items often!

I have questions about individual features in Transparent Language Online. For example, I need to know how to use an activity or how to type special characters. Where can I get more help?

Just click the button in the right-hand corner of any Transparent Language Online activity to see detailed help about that screen, including how to use each of its features and how to type special characters if necessary.

If you still have questions or issues after checking the application help, click the Technical Support link to see the Transparent Language Online Technical Support FAQ.

What is the Go Mobile option?

The Go Mobile option refers to the Transparent Language mobile app available for iOS and Android. Just get a mobile user name from the Go Mobile page, download the Transparent Language app from the App Store or the Google Play store, and use that user name to activate your app. It's a great way to practice your language learning when you can't be at your computer!

Note: iPad users will need to switch the App Store's dropdown menu from "iPad Only" to "iPhone Only" to find the app.

Why does the Transparent Language Mobile app request a user name, and how do I get one?

The Transparent Language Mobile app is available at no charge from the App Store and the Android Market, but it requires a user name in order to connect you with the correct Transparent Language Online content. To get a user name, just click on the Go Mobile option in Transparent Language Online, then click Get Mobile User Name. Enter that user name when prompted by the app to activate the content.

What else does Transparent Language have to offer?

Lots! Language learners can choose from a wide variety of exciting products on the Transparent Language website: There's something for everyone!

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